Youth will begin July 5th

Upcoming Events:

I am glad to be able to provide a mission opportunity for our youth to get closer to their community!

Due to the cancellation of the CTCYM Mission Trip FUMC Hillsboro will be having a Local Mission “Trip” June 24th-26th. 

We will be using CTCYM’s Theme and Curriculum but will be making accommodations to suit our focus point of this Local Mission Opportunity. We will have customized shirts but if you or your youth will like an additional shirt that is this years CTCYM T-shirt for $12 then please contact me with the sizes by June 8th.
Following our hard work throughout those days we will be having a swimming party at the Hillsboro Country Club June 27th.

Registration is OPEN! Here is a CHECKLIST . This will not be their only Mission opportunity. Throughout this summer we will be committed to acknowledging and serving the needs in our community! We will make sure we are not just sharing God’s word but putting down action as well. 

If you are willing to volunteer you are more than welcomed to! Parents included!! 😁 June 8th @3pm we will be cleaning out the trailers and making inventory of the tools and supplies we have already. Here is a Flyer that was sent out to ask our community if there any needs that we can help with. More details about our actual mission work will be provided soon and will be immediately communicated as well.

Weekly Programs:

Sunday School - 10:00 a.m.

Youth Fellowship - Sunday @ 5:00 p.m.